Snapshots of this year's 38th Annual International PIBBA Conference in Koror, Palau

Snapshots of this year's 38th Annual International PIBBA Conference in Palau!

PIBBA 2017 Conference Video

PIBBA 2017 Conference Video

Click on the video below to view the 36th Annual International PIBBA Conference hosted in Pohnpei

Saturday, 28 March 2015

An Interview With Past PIBBA International President Shelten G. Neth, Interview Date: Friday, July 3, 2009

1. What made you join PIBBA?

I joined PIBBA because of worries that the island cultures and languages are fading away. In addition, the introduction and importation of western life styles are taking over our inherited cultures and languages.
To allow our cultures and languages to decline and eventually disappear would be one of the greatest offenses we can make against our collective heritage of all humanity and ancestors. When we lose the foundation of culture through language we lose our cultural exposure. Our cultures and languages serve as our identity. When we lose a word, we lose the idea it represents, and when we lose the idea, we lose a piece of the puzzle of where we come from and who we are.
Through the collaborative efforts of PIBBA, I remain committed to help preserve the cultures and languages of our Pacific Island entities.

2. How long have you been a member of PIBBA?

I’ve been an official member for three years, but I’ve been a loyal supporter and follower of PIBBA for nearly 20 years.

3. Has PIBBA made an impact in the Pacific Island entities?

Based on my own opinion, in which I am entitled to this loaded question, PIBBA is making some positive impact in the Pacific Island entities but not suffice comparatively to its outflow and disappearance. You heard the presentation from the Kosrae panelist and the local chapter of Kosrae during the last day, that they lost their culture and language in their entirety 201 years ago. The attempt to restore is challenging, but they will not surrender and retreat, because they have realized the great importance of cultures and languages for us, the islanders that were born and raised with them.

4. Why should others join PIBBA?

Others should join PIBBA, because our only God-given identity is our own cultures and languages that must be preserved, avoid being lost, and promoted. This tells the world who we are and what we are. We can try all we can to be Americans, but cannot because we are who we are.

Behind the words and customs we speak, there are meanings, ideas, and feelings accumulated by our ancestors for thousands of years. Every object seen or made, every phenomenon, relationship, or idea, everything that meant anything from time immemorial became recorded in languages as they evolved. No language will ever be better suited to a particular place or a particular culture than the one language that was created exactly as a reflection of that place and that culture over time. So in any particular part of the Pacific, we should think of our language not as a collection of words, but as a living repository of literally everything that was ever experienced by our ancestors, everything that existed in our island, touched our people, and shaped our lives and worldwide.

PIBBA aims is to bring the Pacific Island entities together to promote cultural and language activities by disseminating information, involving communities, and encouraging quality education programs through the western Pacific. Therefore, I applaud the organization’s mission and will support its goals.
In light of this, we must remember that the essence of language is joined together by culture that we see or observe in our daily experiences at home and migrated into the wider Pacific Islands community. If we do not preserve our cultures and languages, the future generations will lose part of their identity. They will look at the remains of meeting houses and canoes in the museums, listen to our songs and stories on audio recordings, look at the moon rising over the lagoon and wonder why they feel nothing. They will wonder when their connection with the ancestors was cut off, when did they become the same as everyone else, and when did this world become so boring and monotonous. They might feel sad about it, but they will lack the words to express it.
Join PIBBA, so that we can strengthen the organization’s mission of preserving our islands’ cultures and languages, because together, we can make a world of difference!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

34th PIBBA Conference - June 23-25 in Kosrae, FSM


34th Annual International PIBBA Conference
June 23-25, 2015
Kosrae, FSM

Kahs ac Facsin Lasr: Orekmakihn Ohiyen Luti Ma Wo Emet in Sang Ahkwoye Kapkapwack Ke Etwacack
Promoting Language and Culture:

Effective Practices for Teaching, Learning, Assessment and Research
Sponsored by: Pacific Islands Bilingual Bicultural Association (PIBBA) International and Kosrae Chapter
Kosrae DOE
Office of the Governor
Tuwoh! PIBBA International proudly announces that the 34th Annual International PIBBA Conference will be held June 23-25, 2015 in the beautiful island of Kosrae, FSM. We hope to see you there, and please stay tuned for more information.
The PIBBA Conference is an annual event in which Western Pacific educators are provided with opportunities for professional growth and cultural enrichment. This year's conference offers a wonderful selection of traditional, innovative, and practical workshops, presented by creative and imaginative educators and cultural leaders from the Pacific islands.


We are pleased to announce that PIBBA Conference participants will be
given a special discount. However, the travel must be completed on or before July 2, 2015. When making a reservation, mention reference code GC1511.

Click here to view details of the special United Airlines discount.


PIBBA Pohnpei Snapshots - 31st PIBBA Conference in Pohnpei

Pohnpei cultural presentation during the PIBBA Conference

PIBBA morning gathering prior to the Keynote speech
L-R: Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera, Elcid Joseph, Rickson Higgins, and Dr. Jose Q. Cruz.

L-R: Dr. Jose Q. Cruz, Zander Refilong, Senator Shelten G. Neth, and Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera.

PIBBA participants gear up for the conference

Dr. David Hough, PIBBA Keynote Speaker

PIBBA participants gather together after the evening keynote speech by Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera.

Congratulations newly-elected PIBBA International Officers! Front row L-R: Dr. Jose Q. Cruz, Historian; Rosa Salas Palomo, Treasure; and Shelten G. Neth, Immediate Past President. Back row L-R: Illuminanda "Lumi" Bermudes, Secretary; Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera, Webmaster; and Masa-Aki Emesiochl, President-Elect.

Rosario family gathering with Dr. Rivera, Clara Rosario, and Dr. Greg Tainatongo.

Pohnpei passes the key to Guam for PIBBA's next Conference in 2013. L-R: Dr. Jose Q. Cruz and Joseph Villazon, Director of Pohnpei Department of Education.

PIBBA Pohnpei Snapshots - 30th PIBBA Conference in Tinian

PIBBA participants enjoy the conference. Pictured L-R: Ed Temengil, History teacher for Tinian High School; Joseph Villazon, Director for Pohnpei Department of Education; and Shrue Villazon, Teacher for Ohmine Elementary School.

Pohnpei delegation performs their cultural Thanksgiving ritual.

Pohnpei Delegation members stand proudly at the 30th Annual International PIBBA Conference in Tinian.

Pohnpei delegation members hold their flag proudly during the PIBBA Parade of Cultures.

Outgoing PIBBA International President, Cheta Anien (left), passes the PIBBA key to Joseph Villazon, Director of Pohnpei Department of Education. Pohnpei will be hosting the 31st PIBBA Annual International Conference under the leadership of incoming PIBBA International President Shelten G. Neth.

PIBBA Pohnpei Snapshots - 29th PIBBA Conference in RMI

PIBBA participants from Guam, CNMI, and Pohnpei are ready to attend the Opening Ceremony of the 29th Annual International PIBBA Conference at the RMI International Conference Center on June 22, 2010. Pictured front row L-R: Shelten G. Neth, PIBBA Immediate Past-President; Frances Sablan, PIBBA Secretary; Julia Shore, GDOE Chamoro Teacher; Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera, PIBBA Webmaster and GDOE ESL Coordinator/Teacher; and Jacqueline Hazen, IREI. Back row: Nelsin Iriarte, PDOE Language Arts Specialist; Koshy Reuney, GDOE ESL Coordinator; Dr. Arlene S. Diaz, GDOE, SPC-ESL; and Marie Salas, GDOE ESL Coordinator.

The Palau Delegation actively participates in the 29th Annual International PIBBA Conference. Pictured front row left to right: Dario Harris, Julita Debngek, Elin Rebluud, Senator Kathy Kesolei, Vivian Schmull, and Jerome Megreos. Second Row L-R: Tem N. Meriang, Kerungil Tellei, and Johnson Joshua. Third Row L-R: Selina Ramon, and Lucia Tabelual.

PIBBA recipients for the Teacher of the Year and Pioneer of the Year were awarded on June 24, 2010. Pictured L-R: Frances Sablan, PIBBA International Secretary; Rosa Salas Palomo, PIBBA International President; Antonia Salas, Guam Teacher of the Year; Cheta Anien, PIBBA International President-Elect; Marlyn Ernist, Chuuk Teacher of the Year; Zander Refilong, Guam Pioneer of the Year; Saped Santos, Pohnpei Pioneer of the Year; Alfred Capelle, Republic of the Marshall Islands Pioneer of the Year; and Shelten Neth, PIBBA International Immediate Past President. Not pictured are Ema Melander, Kosrae Teacher of the Year and Standon Andrew, Kosrae Pioneer of the Year.

Pohnpei presenters pose during their Values Behind Proverbs workshop. Pictured L-R: Maria Donre, Social Studies Specialist; Nelsin Iriarte, Language Arts Specialist; and Rickson Higgins, Library, Museum, and Archives Curator.

Jaqueline Hazen from the Island Research and Education Initiative (IREI) introduced several sets of bilingual books developed in collaboration with local educators and linguists in the four states of FSM. Pictured L-R: Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera, PIBBA Webmaster & GDOE ESL Coordinator/Teacher; Nelsin Iriarte, PDOE Language Arts Specialist; Hazen; and Kos Reuney, GDOE ESL Coordinator.

Kaselehlia from the PIBBA Pohnpei Chapter Webmaster!

Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera
Pacific Islands Bilingual Bicultural Association (PIBBA) Webmaster
University of Guam Professor

Welcome to the PIBBA Pohnpei Chapter website! We aim to use technology effectively to expand the ways we share knowledge by reaching out to as many of our PIBBA members as possible with a touch of a button all while reducing our printing costs and our carbon footprint by consuming less paper.

We have activated the PIBBA Pohnpei Chapter website using a blog format, so that various PIBBA events can be archived for years to come! Here you’ll find the latest PIBBA news throughout the year and more!

I would also like to acknowledge my Rosario and Neth Peneinei who reside in Pohnpei.  They are the inspiration behind why I have volunteered to maintain this website.  Kalangan!